As eDiscovery Costs Decrease, Volumes Increase

In a recent article, Jason Krause discusses a paradigm shift in eDiscovery. Technology is simplifying the discovery process and the per tape/GB price has been reduced. But the volume of data being considered for discovery is growing. So the overall cost of eDiscovery projects and the size of the eDiscovery market is expanding. Back when Zubulake was first ruled on, social media, audio and video files, and other such data types were not in the eDiscovery mix. But they are today. The eDiscovery market still grapples with what is considered burdensome. Index Engines technology has made tape discovery quick and affordable. According to Krause’s article,When is an E-Discovery Burden an Undue Burden?, the terms of the burden argument are changing. Index Engines and our partners certainly know that tape is no longer a dead stop. Implementing 1 TB/Hr indexing, large volumes are easier than ever before too. However, the scope of enterprise data is boundless, making the burden a changing but still relevant argument.