Backup into an Archive

Recently Matthew Lodge from Symantec wrote an article outlining why data archives, not backup tapes, should be the source electronic data discovery. In his article, Archiving Is For E-discovery; Backup Is For Recovery, he suggests that IT, HR, Legal and Records Management all work together to design and implement a corporate archive policy and system. This is all good advice, but what about the years of data sitting on the backup tapes? Lodge sites huge costs for restoring and discovery backup data. And traditionally this was the case. But Index Engines Tape Discovery solution changes the situation.

New technology allows backup tapes to be scanned, indexed, searched and the pertinent data extracted into an archive for a fraction of the cost of traditional restore. Lodge’s idea of building an archive to prepare for eDiscovery is excellent. But without the historical data stored on backup tapes, this archive will only tell part of the story. For a truly valuable resource, index your backup tapes proactively, populate the archive, and be informed the next time a legal event occurs.