Backup Tape Access – Doing a 180

Craig Ball, noted forensics guru, just published an article in Law Technology News that caught our attention. In this article, The Lowdown on Backups, Craig states that backup tapes have a bad reputation stating, “Backup tape has long been the poster child for ESI deemed “not reasonably accessible… you can’t search backup tapes unless you restore them, and everyone knows it’s a slow, laborious and expensive task.” However since Index Engines has come into the picture Craig is taking the position that “sometimes backup tapes will be the easiest, most cost-effective source of ESI.”

What happened is Index Engines automated the process and eliminated expensive, time consuming tape restoration. Craig recognizes Index Engines contribution stating, “The most striking progress in working with data on tape is seen in tools such as those from Index Engines, which index and deduplicate tape on-the-fly.” Getting the word out is helping generate tape processing activity for Index Engines and our partners. With the new understanding that tape data is as accessible as online data, we are seeing the shift in the perception of historical backup tapes. As Craig states in the article, “we may have reached the point where backups are not that much harder or costlier to deal with than dispersed active data, and they’re occasionally the smarter first resort in e-discovery.” Read the full Law Technology News article here.