Automated Extraction Makes Debut at LegalTech

Extracting responsive files and email from offline tape represents the most time consuming and costly aspect to typical legal discovery efforts. Index Engines has launched an automated extraction capability for responsive data residing on tape. Legal firms and corporations requiring access to email and data on tape can not instantly extract data without the need to restore the entire tape contents. Index Engines will be demonstrating this capability at LegalTech in NY from Feb 5 – 7. The announcement of this new product can be seen here.

Introducing Advanced Tape Discovery Service

Today at LegalTech ONSITE3 launched a new service for law firms and corporations leveraging Index Engines automated eDiscovery technology. This new service enables clients to locate and surgically extract relevant data stored on offline tapes without having to first utilize a full tape restoration process. “Offline tapes can present clients with one of the most difficult obstacles during the discovery process,” said Jeffery Fehrman, president of EELabs, a division of ONSITE3. “Our Advanced Tape Discovery is designed to expedite the early assessment process for offline tapes, as well as to facilitate a full eDiscovery process while still maintaining the same high standards for forensically sound methodologies and chain of custody documentation. ONSITE3’s adherence with these high standards ensures that produced evidence is both admissible and defensible in court.” Read more on the Onsite3 website here.

New Partners Joining Litigation Ready Partner Program

Two new eDiscovery litigation ready partners were announced by Index Engines at LegalTech today. Reliable and doeLegal join over a dozen other litigation support experts who have implemented Index Engines technology to streamline tape processing.

Both Reliable and doeLegal will automate their offline tape discovery process and better address their clients’ offline document discovery needs in the search for actionable information. The Index Engine platform will reduce Reliable’s and doeLegal’s offline document processing time approximately 50 to 70% when compared to traditional methods.

Link to Reliable and doeLegal press releases here.