Data Domain Indexing at 1 TB/Hr

On 12/2/09, Index Engines announced high speed indexing support for EMC Data Domain platforms. The Index Engines 3.0 platform performs full content and metadata indexing of backup data stored on EMC Data Domain systems, enabling users to search, find and extract content without the use of the original backup software. During recent tests conducted by Index Engines with support from EMC Data Domain, a single Index Engines node achieved sustained rates of over 1 Terabyte per hour on a Data Domain DD690 storage system. This capability allows easier access to stored data for eDiscovery efforts, and enables more efficient data management. Maximize the capacity of your Data Domain systems with high speed indexing from Index Engines. Read the full press release here.

For more details on how Index Engines achieves these unprecedented speeds download the white
explaining the technology behind the 1 TB/Hr performance.