EMC and Index Engines Partner for Backup Migration

If you would like to take advantage of EMC best-of-breed backup solutions including Networker, Avamar and Data Domain, but feel locked in your current provider because you’re using old backups for long-term retention, Index Engines has the solution.

Index Engines has partnered with EMC to help clients migrate to a new backup solution, but still maintain access to the legacy data without the need for the original software. Additionally, Index Engines takes advantage of EMC’s ECS cloud storage to migrate data of value from tape to cloud, enabling clients to go tapeless and eliminate tape as a LTR strategy.

Benefits of the solution include:

– Freedom to move to EMC backup solution.
– Retire non-production backup software and infrastructure.
– Use cloud for LTR and apply retention to data.
– Go tapeless, recoup offsite storage fees.
– Manage risk and liability hidden in legacy data

See how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P09tOiW2IM