Enterprise Systems Explores In-House eDiscovery

James Powell, columnist and Editorial Director at Enterprise Systems, asks the tough questions on why corporations would want to consider in-house eDiscovery. This article, Q&A: Bringing E-discovery In-House, released yesterday on esj.com explores the value of executing a cap-ex purchase instead of spending dollars on repeat discovery services. Powell questions Index Engines about the feasibility of in-house data discovery without specific forensic or data restoration expertise. He also delves into what new technology now enables internal IT teams to accomplish, that historically did require expert services. The net result of this article is that all enterprise organizations allocating budget to vendors for litigation-specific data discovery should investigate an in-house approach. Leveraging new technology for in-house discovery and proactive litigation readiness will prove it’s value by not only supporting eDiscovery, but will also impact legacy data storage costs and information management initiatives as well.