Examining the Cost of eDiscovery

This week at the Legal & Compliance Technology Forum in Los Angeles one of the topics was best practices in compliance, eDiscovery and records management. The session speaker did a good job discussing the costs of the eDiscovery process, including the processing, review, analysis and production phase of the well known EDRM reference model (www.edrm.net). The costs were all priced per GB and ranged from $1,000/GB to $2,600/GB. This uncovers the reason why eDiscovery costs are so high – processing of too much data. In order to control costs early insight into data is critical. If data can be culled as early as possible in the process than costs can be contained to only the data that is critical for the case, and not irrelevant and duplicate files and email.

Index Engines technology can provide this necessary insight into data targeted for eDiscovery, and works with the leading case review tools for seamless review of the responsive data. This approach limits eDiscovery costs to include only the review of data that is pertanent to the specific litigation event.