Exchange Data Discovery

Late last week DFI News published an article co-authored by Index Engines and Norcross Group, outlining a new approach to eDiscovery of Exchange data. The article, entitled Forensically Sound Preservation and Processing of Exchange Data, takes the reader through the challenges of accessing a live Exchange database; it’s large, active and complex. The authors also examine a popular tool used for capturing data from a live Exchange environment. This tool, ExMerge, is a MAPI or Microsoft’s messaging API for Exchange, that was never intended for intensive data discovery.

The alternate approach for Exchange discovery outlined in this article, is a Forensic Scanning process. Norcross Group has elected to use Index Engines technology to implement this approach. By creating a snapshot of the Exchange database and scanning this image with Index Engines technology, Norcross is able to provide more thorough, cost-effective and forensically sound discovery services to their clients. The article provides a real-world case study of how this Forensic Scanning approach has been implemented and what the actual results have been.