Fast Indexing Across All Major Storage Platforms

The volume of corporate data contained in network attached storage (NAS) grows daily. The amounts are many magnitudes greater than the data contained on the Internet. How can any enterprise attempt to manage it? After today’s announcement by Index Engines, the discovery of corporate data got quite a bit easier. Online data, stored on all major commercially available NAS platforms, can be indexed and made searchable at 1 TB per hour per indexing node. Index Engines’ press release today announced the validation of data residing on HP and NetApp storage systems at these unmatched indexing speeds. HP and NetApp join EMC, Data Domain and BlueArc, which have previously validated Index Engines 1 TB/Hr indexing speeds. By demonstrating this powerful indexing capability across the platforms that hold the majority of the storage market share, Index Engines has made it feasible for enterprise IT teams to regain control of their stored data.