Freedom to Choose – Data Migration Made Easy

Organizations often live for years with their backup software vendor, even if over time the vendor may not be the best choice for the organization. As time progresses the needs of the organization may change, the cost and maintenance fees for the backup software may become unacceptable, or the functionality may fall behind when compared to new offerings. Companies may want to change their provider and upgrade to a new backup solution that better meets their needs. However many companies feel locked into their current provider. “Locked” because they have significant volumes of historical data contained on tapes created using their current provider’s solution. Migrating to a new backup solution makes this data inaccessible, a risk no company wants to face.

What if there was a way to break free of this risk, and choose the backup strategy that meets the organizations needs today, rather than living with the choice from yesterday? Index Engines recently authored an article on this subject for Computer Technology Review entitled Backup Data Migration Made Easy. In this article, Jim McGann outlines how organizations can avoid the risk of switching to a new backup strategy. By leveraging indexing technology that allows the search and access to backup data regardless of format, enterprise IT teams can now get at historical data without having to maintain the legacy backup infrastructure. This access can be used to migrate valuable data into an archive of their choice. Or simply serve to provide access after the organization switches to a new backup strategy. Either way – the choice is there, enabling freedom to choose a backup strategy that matches current needs.