Georgetown eDiscovery Institute

Last week Georgetown Law held it’s annual Advanced E-Discovery Institute event in Arlington, VA. The day prior to the official institute, Georgetown Law also produced a symposium entitled E-Discovery from the Corporate Side: Challenges and Solutions. Index Engines was a sponsor of the eDiscovery Institute and found both the theme of the event and the watercooler conversations to be centered around finding ways to do eDiscovery faster and cheaper. The conclusion of these conversations was largely to take the process of electronic discovery in-house.

As the economic climate starts to shrink corporate legal budgets, often thought of as untouchable, enterprise groups are looking for new ways to support their litigation for less money. In the past, electronic discovery was often outsourced, seen as time consuming and difficult. The high costs for expert data recovery was considered status quo. As their belts are tightening, corporate legal teams are questioning these high costs. They are looking for ways to do this discovery themselves. In-house eDiscovery allows them to cut costs and reduce fire drills. By implementing technology like Index Engines, litigation support and IT teams can produce the information they need without transporting data, managing offsite projects, or racking up huge e-Discovery bills. With Index Engines Tape Engine or LAN Engine, depending on storage container, corporations are able to bring data discovery in-house. With this technology they can now manage their own projects to quickly and easily access their historical data. This investment is a fraction of past project costs, and is a long-term solution for data discovery and information management.