Go Deep for eDiscovery Solutions – Commentary

In a recent issue of Legal Tech Newsletter Browning Marean, a partner at DLA Piper in San Diego, Calif., published an article outlining the impact of the FRCP amendments on ESI production and the risks of doing manual eDiscovery. In this article Marean outlines some key areas of consideration when selecting an eDiscovery solution. Index Engines market leading eDiscovery tools address these major points of concern.

eDiscovery performed with Index Engines is the most cost effective approach on the market. Accessing tape data via service providers performing traditional full tape restoration rather than only the responsive data can easily cost in the multi-millions of dollars – as this article points out. The Tape Engine performs a fully automatic catalog, index and search of data on backup tapes for a fraction of the cost of standard eDiscovery services.

Marean also outlines the reasons to consider proactive eDiscovery. The ability to review data assets upfront and intelligently pursue a course of action when faced with a litigation event is undeniably the way to go. With Index Engines, you can proactively index your data on backup tape, and also your stored network data. With this index you will have full insight into your enterprise data, allowing for proactive, on-going risk assessment.

Index Engines cost-effective eDiscovery platforms for offline tape data and online stored data have been developed to address the full spectrum of data discovery. Our clients are ready to produce ESI upon court requests in a timely manner, and also to review their data on an on-going basis to avoid future litigation whenever possible.