Index Engines Offers Complimentary 1 TB Software Licenses to Shed Light on User Data Growth

Index Engines has announced it now offers a complimentary 1 TB licenses of its Catalyst product so organizations can get a better grasp on their unstructured user data before they start budgeting for 2015.

This VMware-based plug and play download gives organizations 30 days to perform a metadata and full-text profile on the LAN file data of their choice, giving them information on last accessed time, owner, created date, number of duplicates, file type and more while performing PII pattern searches for credit card and Social Security numbers.

“Most storage executives don’t know what they have, if it has value, if it poses a risk or liability, if it is a security violation or if it’s employee vacation photos and music libraries,” Index Engines VP Jim McGann said. “Catalyst will give them a peek into their data, understand growth sources, and develop intelligent disposition strategies in order to control costs and liability hidden in user content.”

Index Engines’ Catalyst software is designed to deliver a file-centric view of the data center. Catalyst processes all forms of unstructured files and document types, creating a searchable index of what exists, where it is located, who owns it, when it was last accessed and, optionally, what key terms are in it.

Leveraging the rich metadata or full text index in conjunction with Active Directory integration, content can be profiled and analyzed with a single click. High-level summary reports allow instant insight into enterprise storage providing unprecedented knowledge of data assets.

The limited-use license features the data profiling features of Catalyst, but does not include the automated disposition and archiving capabilities of the full version of the enterprise-ready software.

The no-cost Catalyst licenses are currently available to enterprise data centers on Index Engines’ website at