LegalTech Buzz

The LegalTech show in New York this week was a great event all around. The general consensus from everyone that we spoke with was that the eDiscovery market seems to be on the upswing from any sort of lull there may have been last year. The isles were crowded, the prospects were qualified and the conversations were serious.

And the hot topic or constant theme that we saw in the Index Engines booth was consistently, “Wow!” We heard more than once, “What can’t you do??” When telling folks what was new, about Index Engines full support for Lotus Notes, people voiced appreciation for how difficult a hurdle that was to clear. The news of Index Engines validated 1 TB/hr/node processing speed, again and again met with people asking, “How fast?”, “For full content indexing?” And then there were also the people who were encountering us for the first time. We demo’d the product for an eDiscovery service provider who was so excited about indexing his clients tapes, instead of outsourcing these projects, that he kept tripping over his words.

The concept of making data truly discoverable is Index Engines’ mission. The Unified Platform – LTN’s Best New Product for 2009 – is making that happen. The partners, prospects and even competitors who visited our booth at LegalTech this year, saw that true enterprise class information discovery is on the very near horizon.