Lesson From The News Of The World Scandal: Data Is Forever

Index Engines was a guest blogger on Forbes.com. Here is the article:

Here are three lessons from The News of the World scandal: one, we are all data-makers tapping away on data collecting devices; two, you can expunge the data-maker and devices, but never the data. And three, data may age, but does not go away.

When you deploy a company-issued computer, the employee effectively becomes a corporate data-maker by immediately generating communications which are instantly distributed through email. For all organizations, this vast and exponentially increasing data is evidence–and for an organization like The News of the World, this data suddenly turns into evidence in a global scandal.

The News of the World tried to rid itself of the data maker, news editor Ian Edmondson, and his device by recycling his PC, hence deleting any potential evidence.

Or so they thought.
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