Now You’ll Find It, Now You Won’t

The Power of eDiscovery

The Internet empowers surfers to discover all kinds of things in record time, which can be very helpful for lots of reasons. There is a down side, however, because some of what surfers find might be sensitive, provocative or simply not true. And practically every user of the Web knows by now that Internet scams are many and varied, as crimes such as identity theft continue to plague people all over the world. Moreover, there’s a mountain of data within the corporate firewall that could come back to haunt you.

What’s a company to do? Tune into this episode of DM Radio to learn all about eDiscovery, and how this dawning discipline can be used for mitigating mischief, and enabling surfers and others to access the information they need, whether it’s inside or outside the corporate firewall. We’ll talk to Rick Dales of ProofPoint, Michael Jortberg of Acxiom, Brad Harris of Fios, Jim McGann of Index Engines and Erin Kenneally of eLCHEMY. Attendees will learn:

– Strategies for leveraging eDiscovery methods
– How to protect sensitive data from eDiscovery
– What “red flags” are all about in eCommerce
– Why your legal team should be paying attention
– Where you can go for more insights

Download this broadcast here.