Partnership Streamlines EDRM Implementation

Index Engines and Venio Systems recently announced their partnership aimed at delivering an
end to end EDRM e-Discovery solution. The combination of these technologies handles eDiscovery from the identification phase through the production phase of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.

Index Engines and Venio Systems are complimentary solutions. Index Engines provides broad identification and collection capabilities, including support for extraction of content from backup tapes. Venio FPR provides best of breed early case assessment and review capabilities on data collected by Index Engines as well as their own ingestion tools. As such, we have developed a joint go to market strategy that provides a comprehensive EDRM solution. Prior to working with Index Engines, Venio Systems collection capability was limited to online data – backup tape data had to first be restored. Additionally indexing speeds were limited to 30 – 40 GB per hour. In partnering with Index Engines, Venio FPR can now support direct identification and collection of ESI from backup tapes without restoring the content, and also index large volumes of ESI at speeds up to 1TB/hour depending on the network environment. Index Engines will benefit from Venio FPR’s cutting edge early case assessment and review capabilities.

Index Engines and Venio Systems will partner on joint sales and marketing activity in order to promote the benefits of a comprehensive end-to-end EDRM platform. Read the full press release about this partnership here.