Purging Data – Easy & Intelligent

On September 18th, 2008 ComputerWolrd’s Mary Brandel wrote an article entitled “When to shread; Purging data saves money, cuts legal risk.” This article explores the costs and risk companies face when keeping endless amounts of backup data. She offer advice on how to formulate policies for retention and elimination of this data. These thoughts are right on the money.

However, Ms. Brandel’s interview of Brent Zimmer, systems specialist at East Carolina University, paints an out-of-date picture of the process needed to access data on backup tape. Zimmer says that data on tape is very difficult to access and very costly to extract. This is indeed a true description of discovery of tape data using a traditional tape restoration approach. But, if East Carolina had been working with Index Engines, Mr. Zimmer would know that finding and extracting data from backup can be quick and easy. And the combination of Index Engines Tape Engine and LAN Engine would give Mr. Zimmer a single streamline view into both online and offline tape data. The approach would allow East Carolina to easily implement the type of data retention policies Brandel is promoting, across all of their stored data.