Save Money With Bulk Culling

The unit cost to identify and collect online data on hard drives, CD/DVD’s and network storage has dropped significantly over the past few years. However since the volume of data being examined during a discovery project has grown dramatically, the total project cost can still be quite high. Many tools used for the collection and discovery process contain advanced review capabilities. These are the tools the market is familiar with and ESI collected during eDiscovery is often delivered in formats compatible with these “household names”. However these tools can be expensive, often hundreds of dollars per GB. When dealing with a small collection, this may not be a significant added expense. However as the volume of ESI grows beyond the GB’s into the TB’s the total cost can quickly inflate.

The concept of two pass culling is gaining popularity. During the first pass, or bulk culling, the data is indexed, deduped and deNISTed and then the content is searched. This pass is performed first to cull the data down to a relevant subset, and is then delivered into the review platform for refined search and presentation to the client. When Index Engines is used for first pass culling the per GB fees are a mere fraction of what popular review platforms charge for culling. Breaking apart the culling process into two phases allows for tremendous cost savings. ESI will still be delivered in the client’s platform of choice, however the first pass of the data can be completed faster and more cost effectively.