Tape Discovery Myths Debunked

It is clear to anyone that has ever had to find data on an old backup tape that the tape restore process was designed for disaster recovery. Recovering from a major data loss is not easy, but with a recent backup tape, and assuming the primary storage environment has not changed, a competent backup engineer can soon recover the data.

However, as more time goes by it becomes increasingly difficult to get data off tape. IT infrastructure is a constantly changing landscape; backup software changes, configurations change, email servers change, file systems are reorganized. All of this contributes to making data restoration more and more difficult. This creates a huge challenge when searching for specific data on tape in support of a litigation event. You could be looking through thousands of tapes, dealing with many different backup versions or vendor formats, many different email server versions, and many different operating system versions. In the past this challenge lead to outsourcing legal discovery to technical experts. The time line and costs associated with vendor services for tape restoration, a slow and specialized process, were huge. Recently an alternative to the forensic restoration approach to tape discovery has entered the market and changed the situation.

Index Engines has designed the first solution for litigation support professionals that bypasses the complex IT restore process. This new process automates search and extraction of data from tape in support of eDiscovery. As we continue to educate both the eDiscovery and Information Management markets about this new approach to tape discovery we’ve encountered some recurring misconceptions. There are some legacy schools of thought around data on backup tape. However as federal regulations change, technology evolves, and the market changes, these ideas that were once reality no longer hold water.

Index Engines has authored a white paper outlining the most common myths we’ve encountered around data on backup tapes. These have been debunked due to the existence of the Tape Engine from Index Engines, without which automated tape discovery would be impossible. Click here to download the full Tape Discovery Myths white paper.