The Proof is in the Patent

There is lots of talk in the eDiscovery industry about speeds and feeds. As soon as Index Engines had validated 1 TB/Hr/node indexing, other vendors were announcing similar fast processing claims. A side by side benchmark of these platforms would require a tremendous volume of data and a huge variety of files and backup formats. This setup is quite a roadblock for many independent product reviewers. So how does one decide what’s true and what’s hype? A simple answer would be to put faith in the US and European patent offices.

On August 11th, Index Engines announced the receipt of US patent #7756837 and Euro patent # 1 738 260 DE FR GB for the technology behind Index Engines Unified Discovery Platform. The Index Engines patents were awarded for the development of streaming indexing technology. All other indexing solutions require random access to data in order to generate a searchable index. Index Engines has engineered a platform that performs sequential processing of data. This now patented approach enables the indexing of electronic data as it flows to backup, as well as unprecedented, high speed indexing of network data at 1TB/hour.

These patents serve as further validation that Index Engines is leading the information discovery market with an innovative approach to indexing enterprise data. No other indexing platform can claim patented technology as the secret sauce behind fast and efficient information discovery. These patents prove that the technology supporting Index Engines discovery platform is not just another me-too approach.