Top 10 Reasons To Bring Tape Discovery In-House – Reason #1

Litigation is increasingly substantiated by electronic evidence. Producing the relevant files and emails in a timely, cost-effective manner is a concern for enterprise legal and IT departments everywhere. Index Engines works with both eDiscovery Service Providers and enterprise eDiscovery teams to quickly, easily and cost-effectively produce Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to support litigation and comply with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

We see a trend of enterprise IT teams becoming more proactive and moving the ability to process and extract tape data in-house. Index Engines allows IT to obtain the goal of gaining control and accessing ESI stored on offline tapes, and even shredding tapes in order to eliminate future liability. Following are the most prevalent reasons we’ve encountered behind this trend. Many of these have come about due to the existence of the Index Engines Tape Engine, without which in-house tape discovery would be next to impossible.

1. Investment in litigation readyTM infrastructure is more cost effective than per incident discovery.
Make an investment for the future vs. repeatedly outsourcing processing for one time use.
The breakpoint comes very quickly when comparing 3rd party tape processing fees to a technology investment to process tapes in-house. A proposal from an eDiscovery service provider to process a handful of tapes would cost about the same as buying the Index Engines Tape Engine directly and doing the job yourself. Once the asset is owned the appliance can be reused over and over to reactively process additional tapes for litigation or to begin a proactive approach to tape discovery.

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