Top 10 Reasons to Bring Tape Discovery In-House – Reason #3

Continued from June 13th – here’s the third reason Index Engines has discovered that is motivating enterprise IT teams to change the way they are dealing with data on backup tapes.

3. The barrier to entry has been removed.
No need to setup costly infrastructure for accessing tape data in non-production formats. New technology allows direct access to information stored in proprietary backup formats without the use of the backup software.
Gone is the need to maintain the software, skill set and infrastructure necessary to restore your data from backup tapes. With Index Engines one appliance allows you access into all the common backup formats; ArcServe, TSM, Netbackup, Backup Exec and Networker. Search and extract the data on your tapes, including those from the latest merger or acquisition, all through one user interface.

Download the full Top 10 Reasons for In-House Tape Discovery Here.