Top 5 Reasons to Use Index Engines for Online Data Discovery

Everyone knows the power of Index Engines when it comes to processing backup tapes. However when it comes to the processing of network data Index Engines has some unique advantages – here are the top 5:

1. Comprehensive access to data in forensic images (Encase, FTK, Ghost) and email databases (PST’s, EDB’s, Notes). Index Engines can index the contents of forensic images, allowing full search and extraction of the contents. Email containers are fully processed at a bit level, making discovery more complete when compared with MAPI based tools.

2. Unified processing of online data along with backup tapes and forensic images. Projects that contain a diverse set of media sources, network, hard drives, forensic images, backup tapes, can all be processed using Index Engines. One solution, one unified view into the deduped content allows for faster and more cost effective culling.

3. Fastest indexing solution on the market. Index Engines delivers the highest speed indexing platform on the market today. If time is of the essence, you will find speeds many times faster than any alternative.

4. Compatibility with all review platforms. Once online data is index and searched, the desired content can be extracted and then easily fed into the review platform of your client’s choice.

5. Low price guarantee. Index Engines is priced to compete or beat the pricing of any other online data indexing or discovery tool on the market.

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