Update from ILTA 2010

At the ILTA annual conference I had the opportunity to speak with a number of law firms in Vegas this week. A recurring theme that came through during these meetings was that litigation support teams are still under pressure to control costs and manage projects with fewer resources. They see no light at the end of this tunnel – deadlines are shorter and budgets are tighter than ever.

To overcome these challenges many law firms are looking for new and innovative methods for ESI collection. In the past most organizations worked either directly, or via service providers, with tools that would perform the identification, deduplication, culling, and detailed analysis of ESI within one platform. These tools charge a per GB rate that is in the hundreds of dollars. To alleviate some of the pressure to cut costs, litigation support specialists are looking for lower costs tools to perform upfront identification, dedupe and culling of the initial large dataset. By reducing the dataset up front and using the more expensive analysis tools with a smaller volume of relevant data discovery costs will be reduced. This concept is in line with Index Engines focus on performing initial bulk culling to reduce the downstream review and analysis costs. For example, Index Engines identification, deduping, and culling of online ESI can be performed for less than $50/GB. This is far less expensive versus the hundreds of dollars per GB charged by analysis tools. Combining the two solutions, first pass bulk culling, followed by the detailed analysis saves overall costs of ESI collection.

Controlling costs has been a major theme at ILTA for quite a while. Litigation support professionals will continue to find the right tool at the right price to get the job done. Index Engines Unified Discovery Platform, which collects data from backup tapes, forensic images, hard drives and networks has gained in popularity for this reason. Index Engines is focused on providing the most efficient and cost effective solution to collect ESI.