Web Event: Managing Risk and Cost Associated with Legacy Backup Data For Financial Services

Join EMC’s Director of eDiscovery and Compliance, Jim Shook, and Index Engines for this exclusive web event on June 15.

Organizations have amassed significant volumes of legacy data through the archiving of backup tapes. These tapes contain a snapshot of files and email that goes back decades.

Additionally, through all the mergers and acquisitions in the financial services industry, legacy tapes contain records of organizations that no longer exist even though the data lives on.

Data on legacy tapes pose a risk and liability for financial services firms as the data archived and stored in offsite vaults could become the “smoking gun” evidence in a trial or regulatory investigation.

EMC and information management company Index Engines have teamed to provide a solution to managing legacy data and control the inherent risk and costs associated with this sensitive content.

Join us for this important webinar to discover:
• The legal risk associated with data archived on tape,
• Best practices for managing content & controlling risk,
• A case study of a financial services firm and how they conquered this challenge, and
• An analysis of the hidden costs and how they can be contained.

Register at: https://cossprereg.btci.com/prereg/key.process?key=P8B8F8JNR