Webinar on 6/23 to Provide Expert Advice on Legacy Data Retention

On Thursday, June 23rd from 2-3pm EST, Index Engines, the leader in enterprise discovery technology, and LeClairRyan, an entrepreneurial law firm specializing in high stakes litigation, will co-present a webinar that will offer insight into best practices for retention and remediation of legacy data on tape. The webinar spokesmen include Dennis R. Kiker, Esq. a partner in the eDiscovery Readiness Practice Group of LeClairRyan, and Jim McGann, Vice President, Information Discovery at Index Engines. Drawing from their legal and technical expertise, Kiker and McGann will discuss recommendations for how enterprise organizations should be handling legacy data. This webinar will explore trends they have noted in the industry and best practices that they have seen implemented regarding the management and discovery of data from backup tapes.

Webinar Summary:
This webinar is designed to teach how to build a complete, defensible and proactive solution to managing legacy backup tape. Historically, to identify relevant data on old backup tapes, IT would need to completely restore the tapes and then Counsel would review the content to determine what was relevant. In that case, being proactive and restoring thousands of tapes was out of the question, given the cost both in time and money to restore and review that volume of data.

However, now proactive management of legacy data is now possible. The combination of expert legal guidance and advances in patented technology makes tape remediation for proactive governance of legacy data both feasible and cost-effective. Attend this webinar and learn how you can build a complete, defensible solution to manage legacy backup tape risk and expense.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2-3PM EDT

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