Why time to data matters more than ever

Time to data has always been a big push for us at Index Engines, as we know that service providers and counsel need to have confidence that the ESI they need can be found and delivered on deadline.

But as data amounts increased and queries became more in depth, it became a lot harder for some vendor technology to keep up with demand and deliver the needed information.

Now, more than ever, we see the legal ramifications of not being able to complete ESI culling as one vendor is being held financially and legally accountable.

This shines the light back on accelerating time to data. Some ESPs still consider 20GB/hour quick – it’s not when terabytes or even petabytes of data need to be processed. Then that data needs to be culled, deduped, deNISTed and compared across platforms before being moved into legal hold for review.

Time to data is not just reflective of technology, it’s reflective of the service provider. ESPs need to do their homework before accepting a job and partnering with a technology vendor as they will be linked to that technology’s performance. Poor performance from the technology will ultimately lead to less work for the ESP and less trust among the legal community.

The ability to provide defensible and auditable ESI in a timely, cost effective manner has never been more important, and neither has the technology vendor ESPs choose to work with.